Marble Processing

Marble Processing

Step 1 – Extraction From Quarries

A thorough knowledge of the rough materials enables us to select the best blocks and to always meet our clients’ expectations. It took nature millions of years to make them perfect and unique. Through masterly skill and care they are quarried in all their extraordinary beauty. Having our own marble quarries guarantees a perfect understanding of the extraction of different materials.

Step 2 - Processing

From Dressing of Marble Blocks to Sawing them by Gangsaw, all are considered in Marble Processing. Dressing removes the irregularities and natural defects. Shree Abhayanand Marble Industries world-known skills and craftsmanship in the production of marble products make it a world leader in terms of quality standards and the elegance of the final project.

Step 3 – Fabrication

Fabrication today goes far beyond chisels and mallets to embrace highly sophisticated equipment. Computer-guided CNC machines and precision, high-pressure water jets can cut to any shape, design, or intricate detail, but experienced craftsmen remain vital.

Step 4 – Finished Marble Slab

We train and promote our own apprentices, extending Shree Abhayanand Marble Industries ability to handle the most demanding projects and ensuring that every piece of stone that leaves our shop reflects our unparalleled expertise.

Final Step – Marble Installation

The most sophisticated houses’ exclusive style is a perfect match for marble. White Marble - Absolute elegance and classicality fused in contemporary design lines. Let our Stone Gallery’s extensive choice of materials inspire you!